Filing a complaint regarding violation of advertising law

Added on 15.12.2015

The office files a complaint with the state authority NEPLP supervising compliance of media to advertising laws. One of the radio broadcasters systematically does not comply with the advertising laws requiring a certain limit of advertising time on media. Such behavior distorts competition in advertising market.

Filing several sound trade mark applications in Latvia

Added on 28.11.2015

The office files several sound trade mark applications in Latvia on behalf of a well-known radio broadcaster. Despite some objections from the Latvian Patent Office, which were overcome by our reasoned opinion, the trade marks are allowed for registration. The managing partner of our office Mr. Ilmars Satovs has long lasting experience in advising on… Read more »

Overcoming objections of Latvian Patent Office in registration of slogans as trade marks

Added on 15.10.2015

The office successfully helps the client to overcome the objections of the Latvian Patent Office in registration of slogans as trade marks. In practice the slogans are registrable as trade marks in Latvia, if they possess at least one fancy distinctive feature in respect to the goods and services applied for.

“Wolters Kluwer” publishes book on “Employees` Intellectual Property Rights”

Added on 20.09.2015

One of the best known legal publishers in Europe “Wolters Kluwer” has published the book “Employees` Intellectual Property Rights” in which the chapter is included about legal regulation of employees` intellectual property rights in Latvia. The chapter was prepared by the managing partner of our law office Mr. Ilmars Satovs. More detailed information is available… Read more »