Resolving trade mark dispute between Swiss companies

Added on 21.06.2016

The office resolves trade mark dispute between two Swiss companies. The dispute involved trade mark registrations and applications in the European Union, Switzerland and Russia, as well as the rights to use the said trade marks in the said territories.  The dispute was resolved without initiation of litigation.

Filing design applications in China

Added on 15.04.2016

The office helps a new start-up company to file several design applications in China related to toy industry. Timely securing of intellectual property in China is crucial, since often Chinese companies file applications of foreign designs in their own name in bad faith.

Advising Singapore company on seeking of damages for harming trade mark reputation on media

Added on 25.03.2016

The office advises Singapore company on possibility to recover damages from Latvia for harming the company`s well-known trade mark. The Latvian state institutions have disseminated negative information about the company`s well-known trade mark in Latvia without due cause. As a result the economic value of the trade mark has been diminished and the consumers have… Read more »

Advising on prior use of invention and patent infringement in Latvia

Added on 10.02.2016

The office advises the client on possible infringement of European patent related to technology of packing of goods. The client has enough grounds to use highly similar technology described in the patent, since the client has started to use the said technology widely well before the filing date of the patent application.