The Senate annuls the judgement of the court of appeals in a dispute between the copyright collective society and a radio broadcaster

Added on 05.10.2020

The Senate has annulled the judgment of the court of appeals in which the court has calculated and recovered from the radio broadcaster the remuneration for authors from all revenues of the broadcaster for use of musical works in favour of the Latvian copyright collective society AKKA/LAA. The Senate held that the remuneration cannot be… Read more »

The Patent Lawyer recognizes our law firm

Added on 30.08.2020

Internationally recognized law journal The Patent Lawyer highly ranks Šatovs law firm as one of the best in patents in Latvia.

Šatovs ranked as a recommended law firm by IP Stars

Added on 02.06.2020

IP Stars recommends the law firm Šatovs in intellectual property matters in Latvia. IP Stars evaluated the firm`s success in copyright, trade mark, design and patent matters. Attorney Ilmārs Šatovs received a “Trade Mark Star” award for the year 2020.

WTR 1000 recognizes Ilmārs Šatovs as one of the leading trade mark experts

Added on 25.02.2020

The world`s most renowned ranking of trade mark professionals WTR 1000 has recognized Ilmārs Šatovs as one of the leading individuals in Latvia in trade mark field. The clients have also stated about Ilmārs: “Gives excellent, precise and clear advice at a low price point. He works quickly and the results are perfect – his courtroom… Read more »