Senate revokes judgment of court of appeal in copyright dispute between AKKA/LAA and radio broadcaster

Added on 12.02.2019

Riga Regional court adopted a judgment recognizing as concluded an undiscussed project of a licensing agreement between Latvian copyright collective society AKKA/LAA and Latvian radio broadcaster. Further the court recovered from the radio broadcaster almost 60`000 EUR as remuneration for use of musical works in radio programs online and offline. The broadcaster filed a cassation… Read more »

Assisting in filing of EU design and trade mark applications for innovative clothing

Added on 02.01.2019

The office helps a start-up company to safeguard its rights in designs and trade marks in respect to innovative clothing in the EU. The company has created several clothing lines with innovative solutions that were not available on the market before. In order to protect the new products and the corporate identity of the company,… Read more »

Advising in a customs seizure case related to goods worth more than 1`300`000 EUR

Added on 07.12.2018

The office advises a Latvian logistics company in a customs seizure case related to goods worth more than 1`300`000 EUR. The goods were detained on the basis of the EU regulation No. 608/2013 due to possible trade mark infringement. The trade mark owner alleges that the seized goods bear his registered “colour position” trade mark as applied… Read more »

Filing EU trade mark non-infringement claims

Added on 29.11.2018

The office represents and assists clients in filing of the EU trade mark non-infringement claims with Latvian courts. The clients are involved in a cross-border dispute where the EU trade mark owner requests without due cause losses in the amount of 250`000 EUR from each client for non-existent EU trade mark infringement.