Representing in copyright and unregistered Community design infringement case

Added on 03.08.2018

The office represents an owner of copyrights and design rights in a dispute with a company that has misappropriated unpublished designs and uses them in commerce without permission. The company has infringed copyrights, rights to unregistered Community designs and trade secrets.

Filing an opposition against single colour trade mark registration

Added on 25.07.2018

The office files an opposition against a single colour trade mark registration on behalf of one of the major Latvian dairy product manufacturers. Its rival has obtained a single colour trade mark registration for orange colour in respect to wide range of dairy products in Latvia. Latvian Patent office has found that the colour orange… Read more »

Successfully representing television broadcaster in a copyright dispute relating to recovery of almost 600`000 EUR

Added on 27.06.2018

Attorney Ilmārs Šatovs successfully represents a television broadcaster in a dispute with Latvian copyright collective society AKKA/LAA. The court rejected the claim of AKKA/LAA for recovery of almost 600`000 EUR for use of musical works in television programs and satisfied a counterclaim of the television broadcaster to recognize a licensing agreement as concluded for further… Read more »

Successfully representing in trade mark infringement and lease deposit recovery case

Added on 10.04.2018

The office successfully represents the client before the court in a civil case related to infringement of a Latvian well-known trade mark and recovery of lease deposit.